Our features

Constantly monitor the animations organized in your store. Get a clear overview on the status of the animations to improve your organization process. Your animations will be displayed as planned, scheduled or completed.

Interact with brands and ambassadors directly on the platform: set the terms and conditions of your in-store actions by theme, date, and times using the Alex messaging service.

Improve the management of your events by using our reports. Alex gives you real-time visibility of your events: our metrics allow you to measure the performance of your actions and compare them to your objectives.


Your departments have talent: organize more quality events!

  • Entertain your customers with a unique experience centered around your products.

  • Generate higher traffic at the point of sale. Not only does it increase your turnover, but it also helps to create or strengthen relationships with your customers.

  • Stimulate sales by allowing your customers to test your products: this practice will boost your brand’s reputation and image!
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A drop of in-store traffic has become a major trend with the explosion of e-commerce.


Today, in-store shopping should be exciting. Customers should see it as an experience. They come to the store to test, “touch” and have a demonstration of the product. The store becomes a place where people can meet, exchange ideas and advice, unlike online shopping. Alex aims to give new momentum to the stores by transforming the consumer’s experience. We believe in the power of physical stores and interaction, which is why we decided to offer a solution adapted to brands, stores, agencies and promoters.

Victor Pilsudski – Co-founder Alex.


What are the next steps?

You are only a few steps away from participating in new animations on Alex! We look forward to welcoming you in our community so we can do great things together!

  • Contact the Alex team
  • Fill your information
  • Please specify which brands you would like to work with
  • Let’s go! All you have to do now is wait for someone to contact you.

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