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Alex is a powerful tool that allows you to create, manage and analyze your marketing campaigns at the point of sale directly from a single platform. Your ROI becomes measurable and will improve over time.

You will have a clear overview of all your ongoing campaigns in your stores or at your retailers. Animation campaigns, shelf placement, POS installation, product demonstrations, you can coordinate everything right from the Alex platform.

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Alex is there to serve you,

With Alex, you can organize all your POS actions directly from the platform. Brands, stores and ambassadors can find themselves there to plan the next event they will hold together.

Once your campaign is created, you can monitor all the actions that concern it. You will have a clear overview of it and will be notified directly if there is a change in the program, a cancellation or any other issue.

Once your campaign is completed, you can analyse it thanks to all our customizable KPIs. You will have access to detailed reports covering the entire campaign, from its launch to its impact at the point of sale, and you will also have access to a more accurate ROI.

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… will also be able to benefit from a tool that simplifies their daily organisation, saving them time, optimizing their expenses and increasing their turnover.

In short, this tool will improve the return on investment of their in-store campaigns. Its advanced features ensure a better follow-up, a smooth customer experience and a streamlined communication with the store.

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… get a turnkey tool which allows them to boost their business and save time.

The store increases its turnover thanks to the promotional activities initiated by the brand and can easily monitor all the current, future and past activities in its point of sale.

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… have a platform that allows them to organise more events in the points of sale. They expand their customer base, build up their brands and partner stores and increase their turnover.

They will also save time, and optimize their skills to serve new brands and encourage more collaborations.

Alex, the essential tool to stimulate store development and sales

Alex allows you to easily organize various animations in your points of sale and improve your productivity.

An all-in-one solution

Alex is the ideal solution to find qualified Ambassadors, organize events in your stores and interact easily with the people you work with.

A user-friendly interface

We created a tool that designed around your needs. The interface is fluid and you have all the relevant information displayed where you need it.

Organize, manage, and analyze your events over a cup of coffee.

Alex allows you to organize more high-quality promotional events that generate positive economic returns.

Reporting & feedbacks

Qualitative surveys are sent to the store and the ambassador at the end of each event. You will receive valuable feedback on your events.

Enhanced consumer Experience

The client will experience a unique in-store experience by trying out the products with a true brand ambassador.

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